Full Name
Lee H Vuu
Job Title
Founder and Board President
Multicultural (Re)Insurance Association
Speaker Bio
Lee H. Vuu is Founder and Board President of the organization called Multicultural (Re)Insurance Association, better known as MRIA. She is a proud member of Chief, a prestigious network for powerful women, and she is Vice President at Argo Group where she leads a small team managing Reinsurance claims.

Lee started in the Reinsurance industry in 2004, where she began her career as an Executive Assistant to a C-suite level executive. Throughout her career, she expanded beyond her job description and while at her position, self-taught herself the fundamentals of the industry.

With her technical knowledge growing, she applied her already honed skillset of creating and maintaining interpersonal relationships which propelled her up the corporate ladder to the position she is in today. Her emotional intelligence acuity has developed her into a skillful networker that to this day, opens doors for her and her vision of unity.

Lee has a deep passion for ensuring diversity, equity, and inclusion is at the forefront of all she does. Her unconventional leadership of using emotional intelligence as a tool of progress has proven to be highly effective and is well-known by industry peers and executives. Her confidence is the calling card of her reputation. She develops relationships with everyone ranging from the mailroom staff to industry titans. Everyone gets the same level of respect.

Lee is known as the source of empowerment and energy within her circle and is a fierce advocate for everyone who is progressing.

Throughout her time, she noticed a shift in the industry, a void that needed to be filled, and this was the genesis of the movement now known as MRIA.

Lee H. Vuu has left a positive footprint everywhere she has worked and a lasting impact on everyone she’s met. Her vast network connects those that otherwise wouldn’t meet, and her technical and social skills are quickly evolving her as a titan of the industry.
Lee H Vuu