What is the Business Insurance Break Out Awards program? 

A recognition program highlighting risk management and insurance professionals who are on track to lead the industry into the future. Honorees can be from all areas of the insurance sector, including risk managers, retail brokers, wholesale brokers, underwriters, claims professionals, reinsurers and other service providers. 

How can I nominate someone for the awards? 

Nominations must be submitted using our online submission form

Who can make a nomination? 

Anyone familiar with the nominee can make the nomination. 

When does the nomination process end? 

The submission deadline has been extended to February 23, 2024 at 11:59pm CT. No nominations will be taken after that date. 

When will the winners be announced? 

Winners will be notified and announced on BusinessInsurance.com in April. 

When will profiles of the Break Out Award winners be published? 

In the June issue of Business Insurance

How will the nominees be judged? Who will choose the final 40? 

The Business Insurance staff assesses the nominees based on three main criteria – expertise, client service, leadership. 

What makes a good nomination? 

The most successful nominations are the ones that provide a good narrative combined with data to support the assertions in the narrative, for example, increased sales by xx%, conceived and launched a new product, reduced total cost of risk by xx% etc. Of the three references that we require, the strongest nominations have at least one reference from a person outside of their own company, for example, a client of a nominee. 

How many people can I nominate? 

As many as you'd like. There is no limit. 

What if the nominee changes employers? 

As long as the nominee is still employed in the risk management and property/casualty sector on June 1, they qualify. 

Do the people supplying references have to submit written testimonials? 

No. We will gladly accept written testimonials as part of the nomination; however, we only require the name, telephone number and email of the references be included in the nomination. The judges will contact references of those candidates who have reached the final stages. 

Does the nominee need to know that they have been nominated? 

No, but most are aware they have been nominated. 

I want to nominate someone, but can I remain anonymous? 

No, we need to know who you are. We will not share your information with third parties. 

Will more than one nominee from the same company be accepted? 

While you can nominate multiple people from one company, honorees are limited to one per company per region. With four geographic regions, one company may have a maximum of four winners. 

Do I have to select a region if the nominee has nationwide responsibilities? 

Yes. Select either the region where the nominee lives, where their main office base is located or where their main responsibilities lie.  

What is required of those who are selected? 

Candidates who are selected must make themselves available for a phone interview with a reporter. They also will need to provide a high-resolution headshot.  

Will I be informed if the candidate I nominate is not selected? 

Due to the volume of nominations we receive for our awards programs, we do not contact unsuccessful applicants. However, the full list of honorees will be available at BusinessInsurance.com in April.